Thursday, January 28, 2016

Up, Up, and AWAY!

Lots of cute things were recently released and I thought I'd share three of them! :)

Abby of Sassafras made very fun Up, Up & Away tire balloons! There are a lot of balloon poses out there, but this is unique because it isn't just a pose. You can ride it across the sim! Each one comes with a different pose and set of balloons! One of the two rares also comes with a book to enjoy as you soar across the skies (pictured). You can get your own at Everything Kids Gatcha!

Jennah of {Blubb} also made a cute new outfit called Nancy! If you're like a lot of us, you're tired of the cold in RL so have made your SL a bit more springy. The transition from winter to spring is sometimes a little cool still though, and that's why Jennah's new outfit is perfect. It's still warm enough, but also has bright, lively colors! You can get it at her cute new store inworld here. Make sure you pick the correct one for your size (baby / kid TD).

Toraji Voom of YUMYUM has come out with adorable new hair. Many of her hairs are unrigged, so fit TDs, and are super cute! She has also started making separate bangs so you can make the style feel more like you. Pictured is her hair *barberyumyum*65 (brown). You can find it at The Season's Story - Winter.

Happy travels & shopping! :)

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