Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Always, but not until eighty

Alan Rickman's death hit me as hard as Robin Williams' did, even though I didn't see nearly as many movies Alan Rickman was in or know as much about him. I primarily knew him as Professor Severus Snape in my favorite books, the Harry Potter series. The books were so much a part of my childhood and I often imagined how my life would be within them.. being sorted into a house, quidditch tournaments, interactions with professors in potions and care of magical creatures classes, learning to fly on my broom.. When you feel so immersed in a story, it hurts when a part of it is gone. The hurt can't compare to the pain his actual loved ones are experiencing right now though. There have been so many wonderful, loving remarks made. It saddens me that I never took the time to get to know who he was beyond the characters he portrayed.

I realize some believe he never said the quote below, but I will always associate it with him, and it will always sadden me that he didn't make it to eighty...

"When I'm 80 years old and sitting in my rocking chair, I'll be reading Harry Potter. And my family will say to me, 'After all this time?' And I will say, 'Always.'"

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