Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Force Awakens

Have you seen the newest Star Wars? The Force has awoken! I have always loved Star Wars and was excited about the newest coming out! I realize a lot of people were upset it wasn't sticking with the original canon story line, and I admit to being slightly upset about that initially, but I loved it still! Those that I'm friends with on Plurk know that the night I went to see it was quite adventurous.. my boyfriend, parents, (hopeful) future inlaws, and TORNADOES. I won't go into that story here though, because the purpose of this post is.. you can join the Rebel Alliance in Second Life!

There are several creators making amazing Star Wars items!

Jedi outfit by MeshMerized - found on Marketplace: OKIDDO-Jedi-costume-Light-Toddleedoo

Laser Sword (many varieties!) by Blueberry Hill - found at Oh My Gacha

Rebel Wing Fighter by WarBug - found on Marketplace: WarBug-Space-Ship-Rebel-Wing-Fighter

BB-8, unfortunately, is no longer on Marketplace. The creator seems to have taken it down. However, there is another that is similar (slightly different coloring and more scripts it seems?) that is free & full perms on Marketplace! Blackburns-Sci-fi-Droid-Es-El-Ate

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