Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Are you ready for an adventure?!

If you have not downloaded and started playing Pokemon GO yet, you're spending too much time in Second Life! Go outside and begin your adventure!

Hair: Truth Karlie - browns
Skin: Pearl Skin by Les Petites Poupées
Body: ToddleeDoo - BabyGirl
Hat: >MI< Pokemon B/W Trainer Hats Box
Pokeball: [BOX] Pokeball Tosser
Belt: Loki Mesh - Pokemon Trainer Belt (free)
Shirt: Tyke-A-Rooz ~ Pokeball Shirt Blue
Shoes: :ONE LANE: Fatpack Color changer Onyx Sneaker
Pants: Little Closet - Rolled Jeans - Medium Wash (no longer has store)

Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Floor is Lava!

We recently moved houses and our furniture was everywhere as my mom tried to decide how to decorate! A plurk response she got from Persey (Persey Garcia) gave me the idea for this blog post - the floor is lava! It was a fun game as a kid in RL and many kids had fun with it last year at camp when my mom (Alicia), Aunt Lolita, and Uncle Takeo did it as an event!

To help with my lava avoiding, couch jumping fun are my new princess superhero cape and Ferblies! I had a Furby that I loved when I was little, but a very unfortunate series of events led to its end and I never got another... til now!

I finally have another! Well, close. Cindy Lu has made Ferblies! You can get your own Ferbly on July 5 as a part of the Ankle Biters event. This event is unique compared to most going on currently, because you tp to the participating store locations. Start here for Cindy Lu's store, [BOX].

The princess capes are up & coming! Keep an eye out for another blog post in the near future.
(Keep scrolling for more pics!)

You can get a Talking Ferbly by Cindy Lu at Ankle Biters on July 5th! Here is the official ad:

Monday, June 13, 2016

That's MINE!

In our family, you have to be REALLY fast or you're out of luck!

I'm wearing-
Skin: Pearl Skin by Les Petites Poupées
Hair: 65 (ash gray) by **DP**YUMYUM
Sunglasses: Heart Sunglasses by Imeka [The Arcade]
Outfit: Lil Cruiser by ToddleTeeZ
(Note: outfit includes necklace, anklet, and shoes. It also has a pair of glasses with it, but I was matching my mom so wore a different pair.. it's a cute pair that matches the outfit though!)
Pose: Mommy no! by Winter Ravens

On my mom, Alicia-
Head: Chloe by LOGO
Body and Feet: Lara by Maitreya
Hands by Slink
Hair: Billie by Oleander
Top: Knots by Neve
Skirt: Skater by Neve
Shoes: Pearl Flower Sandals by Imeka [The Arcade]
Sunglasses: Heart Sunglasses by Imeka [The Arcade]
You can check out her blogs also at CH'KNOW and CH'KNOW Style!

Monday, May 16, 2016

My Little Space

Sometimes it's nice to hide away in your own little space and read, color, or just relax, especially after having a very long week. I've had such a week due to my new RL job being so overwhelming (although very rewarding and fun too). Hopefully this upcoming week will be easier! For the last little bit of the weekend, though, I shall relax!

Casting light over my little space is Sassafras' Cloud Wall Decor by Abby McDonnagh. This one, as you can see, is called Believe. There are several you can play for though at The Play Room until the end of this month!

Keeping me comfortable as I relax is the new outfit Kenzie, for baby TDs only, from {Blubb} by Jennah Jinx (it can also be found at her Marketplace store) and [Gos] low top sneakers by Gospel Voom at The Gacha Garden May round. If you play at least 20 times, you auto-receive a unicorn pair also!

My journal and sketchbook in front of me are from Larnia Kids by Heath Pevensey & Rory Larnia. There are many to play for and each come with one sharpie/pen. If you play at least 20 times, you get the set of sharpies that you see in from the kitty cat! Just IM Heath Pevensey inworld and he will send them to you!

Keeping me from getting hungry are my snacks inside my blue lunch box from <:*BoOgErS*:> by Zen Zarco! It comes with one to rez and one to hold/attach. (You can also find 4 themed ones at his Marketplace store.)

Keeping me company is my little kitty cat, Snarky. He's #07 of Fashionably Dead by Toast Bard from September 2014's round of The Arcade. There are lots and can be found now at her store inworld.

Below is the full list of credits, including pose, skin, freckles, etc:
Sassafras {SK} Cloud Wall Decor- Believe by Abby McDonnagh at The Play Room.
Larnia Kids my sketchbook (bright) by Heath Pevensey & Rory Larnia
Larnia Kids my journal pens (20 play gift) by Heath Pevensey & Rory Larnia
Fashionably Dead (fd) Posed Cats - 07 Sitting Down (Sept 2014 Arcade) by Toast Bard
<:*BoOgErS*:> Lunch Box Decor Blue (includes one to attach also) by Zen Zarco
D!va Bambi hair by Marisa Kira
{LPP} Mai TD Skin *Pearl* by GemmaNoelle
{BunBun} Sweetie Freckles by Jade Composer
{Blubb} Kenzie -Plum- by Jennah Jinx
[Gos] Boutique - Low Tops - Base Shoe (unrigged) by Gospel Voom at The Gacha Garden.
[Gos] Low Tops Applier - Unicorns by Gospel Voom at The Gacha Garden.
Mannequin - Toddler Sits Pose Pack by Carissa Claridge

Monday, April 4, 2016

All Good Things Come to an End..

Well, not ALL good things, because I'm quite certain our family will never end ♥ But, sadly, family vacations do. I wish I had taken many more pictures than I did.

Thank you, Aunt Lolita, for making this an amazing time. I can't imagine how much effort and work goes into putting the entire sim together, as well as all the events. We appreciate it soo, sooo very much! ♥

Anybody considering a vacation in SL Greece, you should message Lolita Oleander ASAP! I think there is already a waiting list for the sim!

Pics of my last day in Greece:

Abby and I jumping into the ocean!

The entire Oleander-Zanzibar family dancing the night away:

The struggle of having to head to the airport! Nooo!

No credits this time. As soon as I graduate in RL, though, I'll start blogging and crediting items more often! Have a wonderful night! ♥

Thursday, March 24, 2016


My Oleander-Zanzibar family is on vacation in Greece this week! It's beautiful here and we've been having an amazing time! Usually there is something planned for all of us to do together each evening, but last night was a "free" night where we could just explore and sight-see. I took this picture with my mom, who has taught me soo much about photo taking and graphics! I still have a lot to learn, for sure, but I love how this photo of us came out.

I'm only crediting the pose in this photo, since the clothing can't be seen too well from this angle. Plus, it was the pose that gave me the idea for the photo! It's called You & Me and is made by my friend Chelsea Leigh Knave (Chelsea Ubble) You can find it at her Marketplace store, ChelseaChic.

Have a great week! :)

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's!

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! It's officially here in my part of the world. Haven't got Valentines for all your friends and loved ones yet? Never fear! Larnia is here! (Well, not RIGHT here, but if you scroll to the bottom of the page, there's an SLurl! but wait.. not yet, I've got more to say!). Heath and Rory of Larnia Kids have made customizable Valentine Day cards. There are regular Vintage Valentine cards, as well as Vintage Ducky ones. Don't know what to write with? Check out their Little Artist Kit while you're at the store!

Nivaya of Nivlet has also made some adorable Valentine sweaters! They're transfer, so they're a perfect gift for a friend!

Need a snack while you're working on all those Valentine cards? No worries! Halo of Half-Deer has made sweet candy hearts!

We are focusing on the BIG PICTURE here today! That means VALENTINES ♥ Therefore, not all items shown will be listed, especially since the angle of the pics prevents you from seeing everything perfectly.

Vintage Valentines, Vintage Ducky Valentines, AND Little Artist Kit by Larnia Kids can be found at their store here.
(If you would like to see pictures closer up of the Valentines, among other items by Larnia Kids, visit Rory's Flickr page.)

Chocolove Hoodie (other variations also! Gacha items) by Nivlet found at her store here.

Spilled Candy Hearts by Half-Deer can be found at her store here.

Have a lovely Valentine's Day! ♥