Monday, April 4, 2016

All Good Things Come to an End..

Well, not ALL good things, because I'm quite certain our family will never end ♥ But, sadly, family vacations do. I wish I had taken many more pictures than I did.

Thank you, Aunt Lolita, for making this an amazing time. I can't imagine how much effort and work goes into putting the entire sim together, as well as all the events. We appreciate it soo, sooo very much! ♥

Anybody considering a vacation in SL Greece, you should message Lolita Oleander ASAP! I think there is already a waiting list for the sim!

Pics of my last day in Greece:

Abby and I jumping into the ocean!

The entire Oleander-Zanzibar family dancing the night away:

The struggle of having to head to the airport! Nooo!

No credits this time. As soon as I graduate in RL, though, I'll start blogging and crediting items more often! Have a wonderful night! ♥

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