Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Floor is Lava!

We recently moved houses and our furniture was everywhere as my mom tried to decide how to decorate! A plurk response she got from Persey (Persey Garcia) gave me the idea for this blog post - the floor is lava! It was a fun game as a kid in RL and many kids had fun with it last year at camp when my mom (Alicia), Aunt Lolita, and Uncle Takeo did it as an event!

To help with my lava avoiding, couch jumping fun are my new princess superhero cape and Ferblies! I had a Furby that I loved when I was little, but a very unfortunate series of events led to its end and I never got another... til now!

I finally have another! Well, close. Cindy Lu has made Ferblies! You can get your own Ferbly on July 5 as a part of the Ankle Biters event. This event is unique compared to most going on currently, because you tp to the participating store locations. Start here for Cindy Lu's store, [BOX].

The princess capes are up & coming! Keep an eye out for another blog post in the near future.
(Keep scrolling for more pics!)

You can get a Talking Ferbly by Cindy Lu at Ankle Biters on July 5th! Here is the official ad: